Join us to eliminate arthritis

Autoimmune disease: the threat from within

Affecting some 2 million Canadians, autoimmune diseases are among the most common and debilitating of all chronic diseases.

The Rebecca MacDonald Centre for Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease

Canada’s most advanced clinical management and research platform for the most severe and potentially life-threatening autoimmune diseases

A Centre of Excellence in Arthritis & Autoimmune Disease

The Centre of Excellence will help us understand the molecular pathways that trigger autoimmune inflammation, so we can improve outcomes

You can help eliminate arthritis

Far too many Canadians still develop arthritis and autoimmune diseases that threaten to leave them with poor quality of life

“I went from playing sports at a highly competitive level to not being able to walk. Things that were easy before, like climbing stairs or riding my bike, became very difficult. Ongoing research into new treatments has allowed me to be active again.” - Erinn McQueen