View videos from the Great Jewellery Heist in 2019

Sinai Heist: Cindy’s Story of Recovery

Support for the Great Jewellery Heist helps patient’s like Cindy who require the specialized care that Sinai Health’s Bridgepoint Active Healthcare provides.

Sinai Heist: Briging together health and beauty to support Bridgepoint

Great Jewellery Heist is more than a delicious luncheon and exceptional auction, it helps transform lives. Our Chair, Isabelle Fish, explores how art and craftsmanship play a fundamental role in the wellbeing of our community.

Sinai Heist: Meet Artist Lina Maria Avendano

Lina Maria Avendano has taken powerful words of wisdom and translated them into art. With her stunning auction piece, comprised of 14-24K yellow gold, packed with significant details and featuring a long series of elegant butterflies, Lina reminds us about the transformative power of hope. Believe in the unexpected.

Sinai Heist: Meet Artist Korinna Azreiq

Did you know that colour can have a therapeutic effect on the mind? Korinna Azreiq incorporated this thinking into the design of her trillium style necklace. Purple, the primary colour, is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. This is one of the three commissioned pieces for the Great Jewellery Heist.

Sinai Heist: Meet Artist Ezra Satok-Wolman

Ezra Satok-Wolman has masterfully included medical-grade materials in his collection, specifically the T-370 Torus Bracelet. Designed by hand, and fabricated using 370 nodal connectors, this unique auction piece is designed to stretch over the hand and onto the wrist. This particular version is produced using titanium components, custom designed stainless steel springs and 18k gold rivets.


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