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Show you care with bespoke jewelry from Sinai Health and Tiary

Jun. 17, 2020

Sinai Health and Tiary are proud to partner in launching a bespoke jewelry experience that celebrates life’s special moments.

These pieces are the perfect gift for every occasion. And this is truly a gift that gives twice, as a portion of proceeds from each purchase supports patient-centred care and research.

Included in the collection are four pieces designed specifically for Sinai Health. Two of the pieces reflect the joys of motherhood, a third piece was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the courage of our front-line workers, and the fourth focuses on the power research, one of Sinai Health’s top priorities.

First Footprint

Unbreakable Bond

Hearts of Courage

Power of Research

Prices start at $125 and the bespoke Tiary line is available at the Sinai Health Pop-Up Shop.

Shop today and be a #ChampionofCare


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