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See What Care Can Do

Sept. 21, 2020

Sinai Health’s first-ever brand campaign, Champions of Care, premiered September 14 at the Toronto International Film Festival, bringing our gold-standard care to the silver screen.

“Sinai Health’s hospitals are filled with champions of care dedicated to solving some of the most complex health challenges,” says Louis de Melo, CEO of Sinai Health Foundation. “The care that happens here has the power to change lives. Their stories demonstrate the passion, power and excellence that define care at Sinai Health.”

Individual patients allowed an award-winning cinematographer to be in the room as they gave birth, underwent stomach surgery and learned to walk again. The resulting documentaries take you on a journey from research discoveries to ground-breaking surgeries and advances in maternal care.

Philanthropy plays an essential role in enabling discovery and research, which in turn fuels the future of care. It provides things like equipment, beds, and a portion of capital costs that are not covered by government dollars.

Sinai Health’s researchers are on the frontlines of discovering how best to identify and treat COVID-19, including looking at how the virus spreads and exploring new drug therapies. The ongoing and generous support of the community helps sustain our efforts in facing the COVID-19 pandemic head on through discovery and compassionate care.

The care that happens within our walls changes lives, thanks to your support. See What Care Can Do at SinaiCares.ca and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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