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“This is something I can do to help”

Oct. 8, 2020

Unpredictable weather and a global pandemic couldn’t dampen Krista’s passion for fundraising for diabetes research.

With a history of type 2 diabetes in her family, Krista Lamb began running as a way to stay healthy and fit.

“I’ve always had a lot of people with type 1 diabetes in my life, and my family has a history of type 2 diabetes,” says Krista. “This is a disease that affects so many people I care about.”

Another reason she’s inspired to run her collaboration with Sinai Health’s world-leading diabetes researchers in the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes.

“Working with the researchers is the most inspiring thing,” says Krista, who hosts the Diabetes Canada Podcast and writes about research and science.

“I had no idea how much diabetes research we do in Canada, and how much our scientists have done to improve care.”

With 20,000 patient visits each year, the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes is Canada’s leading referral centre for the most complex cases of types 1 and 2 diabetes as well as gestational diabetes. Sinai Health’s diabetes research has been foundational to the development of two new classes of therapies for type 2 diabetes.

This past September, Krista participated in the Constantine Yorkville Run, a 5K that lets her raise money for diabetes research at Sinai Health. Her interest in fundraising was ignited by her passion for science and discovery and the impact of research on people’s health.

“Insulin was discovered in Canada. Stem cells were discovered in Canada. We’ve done so much. It’s incredible.”

With COVID-19, Krista made some adjustments to her approach as a fundraiser, and as a runner. Last year she formed a team of seven runners and fundraisers, which included several diabetes researchers and staff from Sinai Health. The team worked together to raise more than $9,000.

Krista and her teammates, including Dr. Bruce Perkins, in 2019.

This year, instead of building a big team, she partnered with just one fellow runner Sinai Health’s Dr. Bruce Perkins.

An avid runner, Dr. Perkins is Director of the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes. He cares for patients every day but he’s also made important discoveries in type 1 diabetes that are transforming patients’ ability to live long and healthy lives, free of life-altering complications.

“This year, with so many charities struggling and less funding being available for research, it felt important to do what I could,” says Krista.

“This is something I can do to help.”


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