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Celebrate a thriving baby Marianna on World Prematurity Day

Nov. 17, 2020

If 10-month-old baby Marianna had been born on her due date, she’d only be 7 months old.

Marianna came into the world at just 27 weeks, weighing 1 lb., 10 oz., after her mother Margaret was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.

Margaret was immediately referred to Mount Sinai Hospital, known for expertise managing extremely complex pregnancies, including caring for pregnant mums with breast cancer. The complex pregnancy led to a ruptured amniotic membrane, and Marianna’s extremely premature birth.

Happily, thanks to the care they’ve both received, Marianna and Margaret are both doing well.

“The care did not end on the day we were discharged,” says Marianna’s dad, RJ.

“The Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic at Mount Sinai has been fantastic. Even with COVID, it's been a continuing relationship. That’s been particularly invaluable during the pandemic.”

Since going home, the family has had video consults to assess Marianna’s development, physiotherapy appointments to support her strength and coordination, and check-ins to ensure Margaret and RJ’s mental health needs are being met.

"We were worried when MSH basically shut down,” says Margaret. “Through that time, the care hasn’t stopped. Our concerns are always taken seriously. As two new parents with so much on our plates, we're so appreciative of that.”

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