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Sinai Health brings a pop of colour to the community with stunning 7-story display

August 19, 2021

Sinai Health brings a pop of colour to the community with stunning 7-story display

Sinai Health Foundation is launching an innovative fundraiser that lets art lovers put their own spin on a massive mural located across from Mount Sinai Hospital.

The mural will be installed on the parking structure across from the hospital on Murray Street and will beautify the view for patients, staff and the community. The project is a partnership between Sinai Health and the City of Toronto’s StreetARToronto (StART) program. StART is an initiative of the City's Transportation Services Division, designed specifically to present vibrant, colourful, community-engaged art in public spaces.

“We’re excited about what’s coming to the Murray Street Garage to bring beauty to our space,” said Louis de Melo, CEO of Sinai Health Foundation. “This mural connects to the themes of health and wellness and aligns with Sinai Health's vision, mission, purpose and values. Great, compassionate care is a work of art, just like this mural.”

A colourful mural on the side of a parking garage

Jacquie Comrie, a multidisciplinary Toronto-based artist and mental health advocate, was selected out of four shortlisted local artists by a panel after extensive staff and community consultations. Comrie’s design, entitled Colour Medicine, is meant to inspire healing for those grappling with mental health issues.

“The COVID pandemic has sadly magnified a global mental health crisis contributing to a rise in anxiety, depression and stress since the onset of the pandemic,” Comrie said. “Colour is the universal language of emotions and its psychology has been proven beneficial to the human mind and body.”

An estimated six million people live with a mental health condition or illness in Canada. De Melo said the donations will support programs addressing the needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities, while also having a positive impact on Sinai Health patients, staff and community.

To donate, people can buy a digital “brick” and customize it with a personal message at SinaiMural.ca. The bricks will then be stitched together to create a digital version of Comrie’s colourful mural.

Painting is expected to begin in May 2022, with the final product being ready for unveiling by next summer.


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