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Behind the Gift

Celebrating heartfelt philanthropy

February 8, 2023

Miles Nadal

In 2018, Miles Nadal, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Peerage Capital Group and his family, stepped forward with an $11 million gift to advance Sinai Health’s leadership in the care for the 99 per cent of heart failure (HF) patients who will not receive a heart transplant. In addition to supporting the ongoing renewal of Mount Sinai Hospital, his gift supports leadership at the forefront of clinical heart care, specialist training for tomorrow’s experts and world-renowned heart function research.

Supporting world-class cardiac care and research

The Miles Nadal Heart Centre at Sinai Health is a world leader in cardiac research and care for patients with advanced HF - the number one reason for hospitalization among people over age 65 in Canada. HF debilitates patients with extreme weakness, chronic fatigue and fluid retention. It is usually fatal.

The Centre is home to Canada’s only research-dedicated cardiac catheterization lab, the Mecklinger-Posluns Cardiac Catheterization Research Laboratory, which aims to better understand heart function in various populations. Using state-of-the-art imaging to identify and examine differences in the mechanics of men’s and women’s hearts, the Centre’s experts are uncovering gender-based insights to help save the lives of about 35,000 women admitted to hospital for heart attacks in Canada each year. And by examining the impact of exercise on athletes’ hearts, they are helping people living with chronic heart and lung disease improve their quality of life with guidelines for safe exercise.

“For the overwhelming majority of people, heart disease is a chronic issue where we need to help them find ways to manage and live well with it,” says Dr. Alan Barolet, the University of Toronto Site Director for Cardiology at Mount Sinai Hospital. “Through their generosity and support, Miles and his family are helping us help patients to have as high a quality of life as possible.”

An inspiring philanthropic leader

Nadal and his family are longstanding champions of Sinai Health, a relationship dating back more than thirty years, always inspiring and motivating others to give. He established Leadership Sinai as founding Chairman of a dynamic network of emerging leaders and families driving critical support for Sinai Health’s world-class integrated health system and research institute. He also sponsored Sinai Health Foundation’s longest running event, the Mount Sinai Golf Classic. Combined, these initiatives have raised over $20 million.

“I’ve always prided myself on being an entrepreneur, investing both professional and philanthropically with my heart. I see that same spirit at Sinai Health. They’re challenging conventional wisdom, doing things in an entrepreneurial way,” says Mr. Nadal. “My family and I are very excited to continue to support what is, I think, one of the greatest healthcare institutions in the world.”


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