What is Meta?

META by Sinai Health represents the collaboration between gaming communities and health care to support health initiatives by advocating to gamers around the world.

Why support Sinai Health Foundation?

Sinai Health is a global leader in health care and research, and your support can directly help someone get the care they need! You can check out more about Sinai and all of the amazing work that they provide here

What will my donation support?

Your donation and support goes directly towards the efforts of Sinai Health Foundation. With our Game Changer program, you can fundraise at any time throughout the year for causes that Sinai Health Foundation supports, including: Women’s Health, LGBTQ2S+ Health, Mental Health, Holiday Family Support, Diabetes, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer Research, NICU support.

What can I do to fundraise for META?

You can donate directly to any of the causes Meta supports, or you can register an elect to fundraise for one of our causes throughout the year. You can stream using our streamer toolkit and get the support of your family and friends, or you can form a team to work together! You can also join any one of the 4 special events every year that Meta hosts to help boost fundraising efforts.

What should I do during my META event?

You are welcome to do anything you like! Stream your favorite game, hang out with your friends, or just chat with your followers! We just ask that you do not engage in any drugs, alcohol, or explicit/NSFW content while streaming.

What equipment do I need to stream?

To successfully stream for our Mount META event, you need the following:

And a little bit of META Hype never hurts as well!

Are there restrictions on what I can do during my stream?

There are no games or activities that we explicitly forbid for your stream. However, we just ask that you use your best judgement when thinking about what you plan on streaming. As a member of META, you represent us as well as the whole Sinai Health Foundation!