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Designated (Restricted Purpose) Gifts

Mount Sinai Hospital

Sinai Health Foundation (SHF) accepts gifts designated to Sinai Health’s existing core programs. We will consider gifts for new initiatives, pilot projects or activities that are not part of existing core programs, provided that they fit within our mission and the priorities of Sinai Health.

All designated, non-endowed philanthropic gifts received by SHF are subject to a 10-per cent levy, which is directed to the Sinai Fund. This Fund supports Sinai Health’s high priority capital projects and equipment purchases, research, communication activities and partially funds the Foundation’s operating costs.

Five per cent of designated gifts will be allocated to sustain the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI), Sinai Health’s engine of innovation. This Research Sustainability Allocation supports a group of world-leading scientists and the vital infrastructure that fuels our research and shapes the future of patient care. This Allocation is applied to all restricted, non-endowed gifts and helps maintain the LTRI’s standing as one of the world’s top biomedical research institutes.

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