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Venture sinai

At the intersection of philanthropy and investment

Venture Sinai brings together the social good of philanthropy, the intellectual curiosity of research, and a passion for health care. Most importantly, it joins like-minded philanthropists to show how investing donor dollars into research impacts the future of patient care.

Funds raised support ground-breaking research taking place at one of the top 10 biomedical research institutes in the world, the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI). The purpose of research at the LTRI is to help patients receive the very best care through the implementation of best practices. We want to be at and defining the leading-edge of scientific discovery, and we can only achieve this with the critical help of supporters such as Venture Sinai philanthropists.

Join us to help change the future of medicine with philanthropy that has global impact.

By joining an existing Venture Sinai Group, or forming one of your own, you can gain exclusive access to leading scientists, get an inside look at ground-breaking research taking place at the LTRI, and participate in unique Sinai Health events and initiatives, all while making a meaningful impact on the future of care.

For more information on how you can get involved with Venture Sinai, explore the pages of our existing Venture Sinai Groups below, or contact Karen Kwapien at karen.kwapien@sinaihealthfoundation.ca to learn about Chairing your own group.

learn more about our venture sinai groups: