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corporate matching gifts

Your employer can help double your impact

does your employer match your gift? double your impact!

Sixty-five percent of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations, as do many other companies in Canada. Canadian-based companies (or companies with a large number of Canadian employees) that match donations include but are not limited to:

Bank of Montreal
Bell Canada Enterprises
Gildan ActivewearIntuit
Royal Bank of Canada
Sun Life Financial
Thomson Reuters

However, it isn’t only industry leaders who offer matching gift programs. Millions of Canadians work for companies that want to support the community and will match donations.

Find out if your company offers matching gifts:

Ask your Human Resources department about your company’s matching gift policy.

1. If your company participates, send the completed employer-provided form to Sinai Health Foundation (SHF) with your donation.

2. Your company will send the matching gift to SHF once they receive our verification.

3. Please mail or fax your form to:

Sinai Health Foundation
1001-522 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1W7
Fax: 416-586-8639

connect with us

If you are interested in learning more about corporate matching gifts, please contact:

Lana Chen
Director, Direct Marketing
Sinai Health Foundation
1001 522 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1W7

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