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Did a physician perform life-changing surgery, or a nurse show you warmth and compassion or a volunteer always greet you with a smile? The Grateful Hearts program is a wonderful way to say thank you to a staff member, team or volunteer who played a meaningful role in your care at Sinai Health.

heather & baby leah's story

“I can't believe how much they care about Leah, and us as a family. Every single member of the Mount Sinai team has been there for us. They’re the reason our daughter’s alive and the reason our family hasn’t totally fallen apart.” - Heather Jessome

When Heather was six months into her second pregnancy, she was admitted to Mount Sinai’s Antenatal Inpatient Unit for intensive monitoring. Born after six and a half months, her daughter Leah weighed just 680 grams -- small enough to fit into a Tim Hortons coffee cup.

On Day 17 of little Leah’s life, a routine genetic screen for newborns dealt the next blow to the family. Leah was found to have Cystic Fibrosis (CF), and she became the smallest CF patient ever seen at Mount Sinai Hospital or SickKids.

Sinai became like “a second home” for Heather, she has nothing but gratitude for the staff. To set the family up for success, Mount Sinai’s Family Integrated Care (FIcare) team has trained Heather how to look after her fragile daughter, so she can provide the hands-on, expert care that Leah will need as she continues to stabilize.

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