#ThankfulThursday Featuring: Tony Cohen

Apr. 30, 2020

Every Thursday, we are sharing stories from our Sinai Health community who have been instrumental in helping our Champions of Care respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Every donor who has supported the Sinai Health CEO Fund is providing critical support to the emerging needs of our front-line staff and hospitals.

Q & A with Tony Cohen

Tony Cohen has been a long-time supporter and board member for Sinai Health Foundation. A renowned hotelier and leader in the hospitality industry, he is currently President and CEO of Globe Edge Investments & a partner in Crescent Hotels & Resorts. He and his family have a strong sense of community, including creating their own Tora Foundation that supports strengthening the Jewish community, education, youth and Canadian-based initiatives. Over the years, they have supported Sinai Health’s expert care and leading research into today’s most-pressing health issues, including our response efforts to Covid-19. When support was needed, Tony and his family were the first to step up and for that we are truly grateful. We connected with Tony virtually to discuss why supporting the Sinai Health CEO Fund is so critical.

Q. What compelled you to support the Sinai Health CEO Fund?

Our health care workers are literally the front line of this pandemic. Our hospitals and Sinai Health, in particular, are critical to our city, province, country and even world’s ability to flatten the curve and contain this crisis, however that looks. Health care budgets could not have contemplated such an epidemic and the supplies, goods and the ability to pay extra wages are sorely needed which is why my wife and I did not hesitate to help in some small way.

Q. What are you doing to remain positive and stay connected to people during these challenging times?

I think taking things one day at a time and being grateful for family, friends, health and community. This is us doing our small part, including staying home and obeying things like self-isolation. Every day that goes by we are closer to the other side of this.

Q. What would you say to the front-line health care workers who are providing life-saving care?

I would thank them for their courage, dedication and assure them that we support them and stand with them in this fight.

Q. Why should others support organizations like Sinai Health who are dealing with this health care crisis head-on?

The health care professionals need our help and we should all contribute in whatever way we can, including adhering to social distancing other recommended best practices. We will get through this together, but everyone needs to get involved.

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