#ThankfulThursday Featuring: Bob Rubinoff

Apr. 23, 2020

Every Thursday, we will share stories from our Sinai Health community who have been instrumental in helping our Champions of Care respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Every donor who has supported the Sinai Health CEO Fund is providing critical support to the emerging needs of our front-line staff and hospitals.

Q & A with Bob Rubinoff

Bob Rubinoff has been supporting Sinai Health for almost 40 years as both a volunteer and a philanthropist. His tireless support has propelled care and research forward in many of our programs including geriatrics, emergency medicine and ensuring our facilities are patient and family focused. He was also one of the first to support our efforts around the emerging needs of Covid-19. We connected with Bob virtually to discuss why supporting the Sinai Health CEO Fund is so critical.

Q. What compelled you to support the Sinai Health CEO Fund?

I supported the Sinai Health CEO Fund after listening to a recent Town Hall with Dr. Howard Ovens who is the Chief Medical Advisor at the institution. He painted a picture of what was happening in the hospitals and how so many items were critically needed. The Fund seemed like an excellent way for me to help without having to choose where my money was going and allowed the organization to make quick decisions around the priorities and shortages, things that may not be supplied by the government.

Q. What are you doing to remain positive and stay connected to people during these challenging times?

Remaining positive is difficult as every day the news is quite bleak, but we must remain optimistic and hopeful. I connect with family and business associates online or on the phone throughout the day to stay in contact. Reaching out to others is important during these difficult times.

Q. What would you say to the front-line health care workers who are providing life-saving care?

The health-care workers are our heroes. I heard someone refer to them as soldiers fighting to save the country from a war. A war against a virus. They are amazing.

Q. Why should others support organizations like Sinai Health who are dealing with this health care crisis head-on?

Why should people help? Community support is vital for the things that government funding does not cover. Donors can support our health care organizations during this crisis by helping with emerging needs like supplies, equipment and ongoing research that will ultimately save lives. I am grateful I can support this leadership.

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