#ThankfulThursday Featuring: Janice O’Born

Apr. 16, 2020

Every Thursday, we will be sharing stories from our Sinai Health community who have been instrumental in helping our Champions of Care respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Every donor who has supported the Sinai Health CEO Fund is providing critical support to the emerging needs of our front-line staff and hospitals.

Q & A with Janice O’Born

Janice O’Born knows how important community support is for the greater good, particularly in times of crisis. As Chairman of The Printing House (TPH) Charitable Office, Janice has been one of the city’s most dynamic volunteers and has raised millions for causes close to her heart, one of those being Sinai Health. We connected virtually with Janice to get her perspective and to discuss why supporting organizations like Sinai Health is more important now than ever.

Q. What compelled you to support the Sinai Health CEO Fund?

In the heart of Toronto, Sinai stands out as a gem amongst its peers. It is so rewarding, and such a great investment to support a team of dedicated medical staff doing their utmost best to meet the needs of this unprecedented crisis. Supporting the Sinai Health CEO Fund was the quickest way to get to where the need is.

Q. What are you doing to remain positive and stay connected to people during these challenging times?

The COVID-19 crisis is changing all of our lives and the way that we work. We are staying positive in believing that our health care system and the Canadian people are working hard together in this time of uncertainty. We connect via telephone and emails and reach out to family and friends daily.

Q. What would you say to the front-line health care workers who are providing life-saving care?

This most likely will be your biggest career challenge and you will come though this stronger, because of all the very reasons you chose this career, which was to help others, our thanks and blessings are with you all.

Q. Why should others support organizations like Sinai Health who are dealing with this health care crisis head-on?

Sinai Health is a leader in its field, every crisis requires a leader, as we support Sinai, I hope others will pick up and support the challenges that Sinai Health will face and make a difference.

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