Getting Started

Register and Set up your Profile

Create your fundraising account and personal donation page. You can link your donation page on your stream and social media so your community knows where to go to support the cause.

Choose Your Cause

Select from one of the many causes that Sinai Health Foundation provides care and research for to be your chosen fundraising path. You can raise money for that cause at any time throughout the year, but don’t worry! You can also join the Meta team for our special events during the year to raise money for different causes if you want to.

Join our Discord

Join the META community Discord so you can download the META streaming toolkit, connect with other META partners, and interact directly with META staff.

Form a team

You can form a fundraising team by yourself, or with your fellow streamers! Set up a team, and work together to climb Mount META. It’s dangerous to go alone!

Customize your page

You can customize your personal or team donation page with custom incentives, graphics, and interactive layouts.

Need Help?: Check out our FAQ or head to our Discord to get help from a META staff member