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Labour of Love

A special way to celebrate the arrival of a Sinai baby while
giving back to Sinai Health

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World-class care for mother and child

Sinai Health welcomes more than 7,000 babies each year. And, more than two-thirds of the pregnancies we care for are high-risk. We have a specialized Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, and more than 1,100 families pass through it annually. We’re proud to support families during this special and important time. That’s why we created our Labour of Love program.

celebrate the birth of a new child

The birth of a child is a life-changing moment. Sinai Health believes every baby deserves the best possible care, and the most opportunities for a healthy start in life.

By making a gift to the Labour of Love program to celebrate the birth of a child, you are helping to ensure Sinai Health is able to continue providing world-class care through every stage of conception, pregnancy, and labour and delivery.

With each Labour of Love donation of $100 or more, donors will receive an adorable teddy bear, as well as a custom certificate and inclusion of the baby’s name on our digital wall in the hospital. And, with every donation generously matched by David and Stacey Cynamon, your gift will have twice the impact.

Whether you’re a proud uncle, aunt, grandparent or friend of the family, a Labour of Love donation is a meaningful gift idea for new parents.

A Bear named eiko

Every donation of $100 or more to Labour of Love receives a quality stuffed bear named Eiko.

Did you know our adorable bear “Eiko” is named after the first baby in Canada who underwent surgery to repair a form of spina bifida in-utero at just 25 weeks? Eiko and her mother Romeila experienced the world-class care delivered at Mount Sinai Hospital and now give back to help other families.

Thanks to this ground-breaking surgery, Eiko is thriving and catching up to her older brothers.

become a part of our labour of love family

Every dollar raised through the Labour of Love program will be matched by a generous donation from the Cynamon family up to $1Million

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