Swing for Sinai
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2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

Join our amazing and growing list of sponsors for the 2023 Swing for Sinai. There are a wide variety of sponsorship options. If you are interested in sponsoring or bringing a team, please reach out to Bobby Disenhouse at swingforsinai@gmail.com for more information.

Swing for Sinai provides sponsors with a unique opportunity to accomplish a number of objectives. As a sponsor, you are supporting the efforts behind the advancements of a world-class hospital, you are capturing the attention of over 70 accomplished young professionals, and you are providing a platform for young professionals to participate in a meaningful event where they can both network and engage with other like-minded young professionals who value giving back to their community.

With your support, we can help Mount Sinai and the Ontario Fetal Centre break barriers and provide better patient outcomes.



Thank you to our incredible 2023 sponsors for their generous support:

 Swing for Sinai_2023 Sponsor Block