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The Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Centre

Stories of the life-saving care and research from Sinai Health's emergency department

an emergency room entrance

Studying a pandemic from inside the ED

Dr. Rohit Mohindra explains the value of emergency department research during a global pandemic.

an infant mannequin

Preparing for baby’s arrival in the emergency department

Labour can rapidly progress and Sinai Health’s care team needs to be ready whenever and wherever baby arrives.

A senior man lying on a hospital bed

Looking at social isolation and loneliness in seniors

Inspired by a patient, Dr. Lee is studying if trained hospital volunteers can ease loneliness for older persons.

Interior of a hospital floor

Five tips for older adults needing emergency care

No one wants to think about taking a trip to the emergency department, but Sinai Health experts say it is important to prepare in the event of an urgent medical concern.

An emergency room entrance

Creating a safe haven for older adults in the emergency department

The Geriatric Emergency Medicine team works to fill the shoes of a patient’s loved ones to provide compassionate support.

A hospital at night

Pregnancy Care and the Emergency Department

EDs play a crucial role in caring for pregnant people, including helping them navigate early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage.

A man with white hair

Looking beyond the broken wrist with Dr. Don Melady

The case of a broken wrist illustrates the stark differences in care required for older adults compared to younger patients.

Three hospital staff holding up signs spelling out the number 100

Pathway to Peers program celebrates its 100th patient

The RBC Pathway to Peers program helps young people navigate the emergency department in an Ontario first.

A woman wearing glasses and smiling

Emergency physician nabs awards for research on patient care

Sinai Health is celebrating Dr. Keerat Grewal, an emergency physician whose work has landed her five prestigious awards.

A man standing in front of the emergency entrance

How a game could be used to diagnose delirium in older persons

For Dr. Jacques Lee, inaugural SREMI Research Chair in Geriatric Medicine, it’s all about looking past the blue gown.