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Frontiers of Care takes you inside real medical stories at Sinai Health, a specialized healthcare system and biomedical research institute, discovering and delivering life-changing care. Our globally recognized experts push the boundaries of care for infants, the most complex chronic illnesses, and the diseases of aging. Hosted by Garvia Bailey, Frontiers of Care talks to patients, doctors and nurses about the amazing medical advances happening every day at one of Canada’s top hospital systems.

Podcast Episodes

Mount Sinai Hospital: A Story of Firsts

In the 1920s, a determined group of Jewish women dreamed of opening a hospital to serve their community. They knocked on doors, collecting nickels and dimes, until against all odds - they were able to purchase a small building on Yorkville Avenue that would become Mount Sinai Hospital.

A Unique Cancer Treatment

Andre Parisien was enjoying retirement when he he received a sudden diagnosis of cancer. It was spreading through his abdominal cavity. After surgery failed to get rid of it, he learned he still had a chance of survival through a special treatment called HIPEC.

Treating disease In-Utero

When Alana Robertson became pregnant, she hadn’t heard of in-utero surgeries, or imagined she might one day need one. But when she learned her unborn baby was showing signs of spina bifida, she was open to anything that might help him.

Inside the Long-term Care Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Canada, staff at Mount Sinai Hospital were bracing for a rise of cases in acute care. Instead, the immediate crisis happened somewhere else: inside long-term care homes, affecting some of Canada’s most vulnerable residents.

Young, Fit and Life After a Stroke

Since her early teens, strange feelings of dizziness and nausea would occasionally overcome Kim Taylor. Otherwise healthy and active, she thought it was nothing serious. A chance phone call to discuss a sports-related injury led her to a diagnosis, but that was just the beginning of her medical troubles.

Born At 27 Weeks

Sabrina Hawkes had a gut feeling that felt that something was wrong with her pregnancy. Her first child was big. This one was small and growing slowly. At a routine appointment and only 27 weeks into her pregnancy, she learned any hope of survival for her baby meant he needed to be born that day.
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Join host Garvia Bailey and go behind the scenes at Sinai Health as she speaks to people on both sides of the curtain. She’ll talk to healthcare providers about the amazing work they do, and patients about the most vulnerable and life-changing periods of their lives.

Garvia Bailey is an arts journalist, broadcaster and producer. See a full Q&A with Garvia here.

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