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Captivating Stories & Remarkable Patients

Highlights from Sinai Health’s Frances Bloomberg Centre for Women’s & Infant’s Health

A toddler and her infant brother

Making a difference for high-risk pregnancy patients

Our Hospitality Program means high-risk pregnancy patients from outside the GTA can be close to the care they need, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An adult hand holding an infant's hand

From the ICU to the NICU: Giving birth with COVID-19

When giving birth during the third wave of a pandemic, you can only plan for the unexpected.

A woman holding her newborn infant

Love, loss, and beacons of light

Kieran Powers always knew she wanted children, so in 2015, when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, her thoughts turned quickly to motherhood.

A woman with her infant

Born at 27 weeks

At a routine appointment only 27 weeks into her pregnancy, Sabrina Hawkes learned hope of survival for her baby meant he needed to be born that day.

Two young boys, one a toddler

Complex health condition, simple desire: a family

Because of her severe Crohn’s disease, Inge didn’t know if she’d be able to have to children. She now has two healthy boys.

A woman holding her infant daughter

Pregnant and COVID-19 positive: a story of hope

Frontline long-term care nurse, Solace Attopley, came down with COVID-19 symptoms on her last day before maternity leave.

A woman holding her infant son

Achieving motherhood with a “broken” heart

Andrea Querido was told she would never have children due to her heart condition. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2014.

A man and a woman with their two toddler twin boys

Separated Before Birth

It seemed he was destined to die: Elijah Gibbons was far too small and donating most of his blood and nutrients to his twin.

An infant boy wearing a hoodie

High-risk pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Natalie Palmer hoped her fourth pregnancy would be an unremarkable one. Then, she was diagnosed with placenta previa.

Treating Disease In-Utero

Little did Alana Robertson know how quickly she would learn what a lemon sign on the 20-week ultrasound meant.

A pregnant woman

A surprise pregnancy and a gestational diabetes diagnosis: Eugenia Lopes’ story

Eugenia Lopes was told she could never have children. While her first pregnancy was nothing short of a delight, developing gestational diabetes was not.

Entrance to Sinai Health's emergency room

Pregnancy Care and the Emergency Department

Emergency departments play crucial roles in caring for pregnant people during early pregnancy.